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Getting Started

WebCommander templates are pre-designed layouts or designs that establish the visual style and structure of a website. They ensure a consistent user experience and reinforce brand identity.

Developers create WebCommander templates using the template editor, which enables customisation of website appearance. Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developers can design visually appealing and interactive templates. The template editor provides tools and features that streamline the development process, facilitating quick template creation.

As a developer, you have the flexibility to create custom templates, modify existing templates, or develop new templates for the WebCommander Marketplace.

Let’s Begin

To create a template, the first step is to create an account on our partner portal. Once you have created an account, you can proceed to create a website within the portal. This website will serve as the foundation for designing and building your template. By having a dedicated website, you can easily customise and test various elements, layouts, and functionalities to create a unique and appealing template.

Beginner’s Guide to Template

When working with WebCommander templates, you have two options: building from scratch or customising an existing template. Here are the recommended steps for each approach:

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