Using Snippets on Page

Let’s walk through the steps to seamlessly integrate a snippet, using the example of a “Contact Us” snippet:

Begin by navigating to the ‘Page’ section, conveniently nestled under the ‘Web Content’ menu option.

Identify and select the specific page where you’d like to incorporate the snippet. Click on the gear icon linked to that page.

Opt for the ‘Edit Content’ option from the assortment available, setting the stage for content enhancement.

Embark on your journey within the ‘Edit Content’ screen. On the left panel, you’ll find your toolkit ready for action. The right panel offers a real-time preview, enabling you to witness the visual impact of changes instantly.

Invoke the power of the snippet by utilising the search bar. Type “Snippet” to focus your attention on this dynamic functionality.

Grasp the Snippet Widget and seamlessly drag it onto the right panel. Find the perfect spot where the snippet’s magic will come to life.

Delve into the left panel’s widget options and elegantly select the snippet that perfectly aligns with your creative vision.

Confirm your actions by clicking ‘Save.’ You have successfully orchestrated the strategic integration of the snippet.

Marvel at Your Creation: With this simple yet robust process, your snippet has seamlessly taken its rightful place on your website.

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