Create Snippet

This section outlines the process of seamlessly integrating and customising snippets within your web content through WebCommander’s platform. These steps provide a structured approach to efficiently create and tailor snippets to your specific needs.

Begin by navigating to the ‘Content’ section. This section is conveniently located under the ‘Web Content’ menu option.

On the left panel, select the new snippet creation. This action triggers the appearance of a pop-up interface.

Within the pop-up, you’ll encounter an array of templates at your disposal. Utilise the search bar for swift access to your desired template. Alternatively, explore categorised filters to align with your specific requirements.

Upon identifying your desired template, proceed to insert it into your content. Depending on your code editor, you’ll encounter either a “Use Snippet” or “Insert Snippet” button. Engage this button, seamlessly incorporating your chosen template into your coding environment.

Personalise your snippet with a suitable name and description, reflective of its purpose. Once satisfied with your labelling, save your progress by selecting the ‘Save’ option.

Following your save action, the system will automatically transition you to the snippet editing interface. Here, customisation opportunities await.

Embrace the potential for visual refinement. Adjust text elements, text colours, font sizes, alignments, margins, and padding to match your vision. Navigate these customisations seamlessly through the visual editor situated in the left panel.

When your customisation is complete, finalise your efforts by clicking the “Save” button.

Upon successful customisation, a confirmation dialogue will appear, reaffirming the successful preservation of your snippet.

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