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Marketplace Template Management

To add or remove templates from the marketplace, partners can access the Partner Portal. This is the central hub where partners can manage their templates and make changes to the marketplace offerings.

Adding a Template to the Marketplace

As a Partner, you can add templates to the system to expand your offerings and provide more value to your customers. Here’s how you can easily create and submit a new template:

To add a new template, go to the Templates section in your partner dashboard and click on the “Add Template” button.

Enter the Template Name, Category, and Description. Once you have filled in the required fields, click on the “Create Template” button to receive a success message.

You will now be taken to the template details page where you can provide more information about your template. Here, you can upload a logo for the template. The Template name and description fields will be pre-filled with the previously saved information.

  • You can also upload up to preview images and videos, and enter a template description (about section in an editor).

Additionally, you can add a website, support document, and Privacy Policy URLs for the template support, set your preferred pricing for the template, and upload, re-upload, or delete a template source file in ZIP format with a Version number.

To upload a zip file, please follow the procedures mentioned in the Export section to export the zip file from the site.

After completing each step, the index will indicate that the step has been completed with a green tick mark.

Your template may have the following statuses:

  • Draft – If you have not yet submitted it.
  • In Review – If the WebCommander support team is reviewing it.
  • Rejected – If the template has been rejected by the WebCommander support team.
  • Active – If the template has been approved by the WebCommander support team. The approved template will automatically be added to the marketplace.

If your template doesn’t get approved, don’t worry. We’ll provide you with valuable feedback that will highlight the areas that need improvement. With this feedback, you can make the necessary changes and resubmit your template for reconsideration. It’s important to implement these changes to ensure that your template meets the necessary standards for approval.

Removing Templates From the Marketplace

From the template list, click on the template you want to remove. It will take you to the template details page.

On the template details page, click on the kebab menu on the right side of the screen.

You will find the “Delete template” option. If you click the “Delete Template” button, it will ask for confirmation if you want to delete it or not.

If you confirm the deletion, the template will be removed from the marketplace.

The WebCommander team retains the authority to remove your template if necessary.

We hope this guide has helped add and remove templates to/from the system as a partner. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our support team for assistance.

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